Karnataka Electronics System Design & Manufacturing (KESDM)
Policy 2017-2022:

I. About the Program:

  • Overview of KESDM Policy 2017 -2022:
    Karnataka ESDM Industry:
    Karnataka is known to be a centre of hi-tech industry, contributing significantly to the country’s revenues from information technology, biotechnology, ESDM, aerospace and other technology sectors.
    Karnataka is the fourth largest contributor to electronic industrial output in the country and contributes to 10% of the country’s electronic industrial output with a recorded growth rate of 18% CAGR during 2008-2013.
  • Vision of the KESDM Policy 2017-22:
    Develop Karnataka into a global ESDM hub and a hotbed of innovation through focused interventions and encouragement to local companies in the sector.
  • Goals of the KESDM Policy 2017-22:
    The policy aims to foster high growth for the ESDM industry, which can be achieved by attaining the following goals:
  • Stimulate the growth of 2000 ESDM startups during the policy period.
  • Enhance value addition done in Karnataka by 50%.
  • Create 20 Lacs new jobs in the ESDM industry by 2025; both direct and indirect, thereby increasing the total workforce in the sector to ten times the present number.
  • Effect a quantum jump in the overall revenues of Karnataka’s ESDM companies to USD 40 billion by 2025.
  • Strategies of the KESDM Policy 2017-22:
  • Skill Development:
    Continue the focus on skill development and nurturing of the talent pool by refining and strengthening the existing initiatives; introduce new, strategic interventions for focus sectors.
  • Quality Infrastructure:
    Create common infrastructure facilities and center of excellences (CoEs) in specific areas, to provide an impetus to local industry; encourage new investments and growth
    in tier-2 cities across the state.
  • Ecosystem Support:
    Operationalise PMA policy to encourage domestic procurement; accelerate next-generation technologies through pilot projects and encouragement to grass-roots entrepreneurship and IP creation.
  • Encouragement to Start-ups and MSMEs:
    Strengthen the existing Semiconductor venture fund for accelerated investments; promote expansion and growth of KESDM industry through market development activities and support to local companies.
  • Enhancing Ease-of-doing Business:
    Simplify and streamline policies and procedures to enhance the overall experience of doing business in the state; put in place mechanisms for faster facilitation of incentives and other policy benefits to attract investments from global companies in the sector.
  • Focus Sectors :
    To ensure that the state develops as a hub for innovation and R&D, the Government will lay a special focus on some of the emerging sectors.
    In order to incubate and scale up these sectors, the Government would focus on setting up Centers of Excellence with specialized facilities for training and skilling, research and development, and product development and validation.
  • Medical Electronics
  • Industrial Automation / Robotics
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Nano Electronics
  • Consumer Electronics


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