CBR (Centre For Biotechnology Research ), University of Horticultural Sciences (UHS) Bagalkot

The Centre for Biotechnology Research (CFB) at University of Horticultural Sciences (UHS), Bagalkot has been established with a total grant of Rs.8.5 Crores via a MoA signed between KITS and UAS, Bagalkot on 23rd November 2013. Four research projects on Tomato, Banana, Pomegranate and Garcinia were also supported under the MoA.

  • Molecular Breeding for Leaf Curl Virus Disease Resistance (ToLCV) in Tomato. Newly developed hybrids are awaiting multi-location trials.
  • Establishment of field gene bank and characterization of accessions for bacterial blight, wilt and genetic diversity in Pomegranate
  • Conservation of endangered genotypes, creation of genetic variability and in vitro mass multiplication of popular and rare (>nutritious) varieties of Banana and their nutro-chemical analysis
  • Establishment of field gene bank for Garcinia cambogia and Garcinia¬† indica ecotypes of Western Ghats and their (-) HCA characterization and genetic diversity

Area – Horticulture and Agriculture.

Facility – A total area of 26,436.16 Sq. ft was developed with 5000 Sq.ft area for incubation facility (6 Bio Suites). The centre has well equipped Central Instrumentation Facility, Molecular Biology Labs with q-RT PCR, PCR nexus Gradient, PCR Work Station, Nano drop, UV Spectrophotometer, Microtome, Nucleic Acids Concentrator, plant tissue culture facility etc.,

Contact Person- Dr. R.C. Jagadeesha, The Co-ordinator, Horti-IC_CIF, UHS, Bagalkote,
Email rcjagadeesha@yahoo.com.

Karnataka Innovation & Technology Society
Government Of Karnataka