Bio-IT Centre at IBAB

Bio-IT Centre at IBAB (Institute for Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology)

Genomic research is emerging as a vital tool in healthcare, agriculture, cattle breeding, dairy industry, forestry and in sericulture and has impacted medical research, technology, industry and society to a significant extent. The dearth of well-trained professionals in the country in the area of genome sequencing and genome data analysis compels an imperative need to generate a vast human resource in this area to meet global challenges. Bangalore – Karnataka being the biotechnology hub of the nation hence faces the need to prepare a large pool of talented young professionals who can address this challenge.

Bio-IT Centre at IBAB is comprises of state-of-the-art facility for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) with the high throughput sequencer Hi Seq 2500, which can generate 480-500GB data in 10 days equivalent to sequencing 6 human genomes at 30X coverage. Other equipments in the facility include Hi-Scan (Illumina bead-array) for genotyping and Ion-torrent for NGS and Qubit, C-bot, Covaris, Bio-analyzer and Tape-station for the processing of DNA and RNA samples.

The objectives of Bio-IT Centre are:

  • To impart training to students, teachers, faculty, researchers, clinical and agriculture scientists on i) experimental genomic data generation and (ii) analysis of genomic data by maximizing the capacity of the NGS facilities available at the Bio-IT centre of the institute and to bridge the gap in the availability of trained personnel.
  • To undertake collaborative research in the areas of Health and Agriculture.
  • To ¬†blend training and research with a focus on (a) generating the first reference genome representative of people of Karnataka which will serve as a basis for medical diagnosis and to promote precision/personalized medicine research and (b) identifying genomic basis of nutrition and medicinal value of indigenous plants.

IBAB through Bio-IT Centre proposes to impart rigorous training program at different levels of complexity to reach out to medical researchers, agricultural scientists and academic community who require this expertise to improve accuracy in diagnostics, therapy and crop productivity. This training will also facilitate Entrepreneurship Development in Bio-IT area in the State.

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